Method 1 (restarts Automatically)

  • Have you configured your server to track shutdown/reboot? If not please “Configure Shutdown Event Tracker on the Local Computer”
  • Also, I suggest you check event viewer and search for Event IDs 6008 or 1074 for this unexpected shutdown/reboot. Thorough checking of event viewer gives us clue to troubleshoot this issue.
  • Have you had any schedule in task scheduler for this server reboot?
  • To Stop automatic restart of server please un-check the marked option in below snapshot. Also, try to boot server in safe mode and check for a similar kind of issue? Another useful step is going running and type msconfig|startup|uncheck startup items which are not required.
restarts Automatically

Method 2 (restarts Automatically)

Our Method is very important so please read carefully and follow the steps to resolve the restarts automatically issue at your server.

Friends, server 2012 r2 restart frequently because of your windows server licence expired this is the main reason of server restart issue so please check the server licence first and we are recommending to use the licence copy always don’t install a pirated copy in your systems or server.

you have the option to extend the trial period of your windows server orating system which is mentioned below please follow the same carefully:

1. Open CMD (run as administrator)
2. type slmgr -rearm and press enter
3. Now Restart your server and after that, your server licence is extended for next 180 days.

After the following these step your issue not resolved so please check with the hardware like HDD, Power Supply and RAM also and CPU fans are running properly because if any single Hardware is having an issue your system is going to shutdown/restart or hanged. so please check accordingly to avoid restarts Automatically thanks I hope your problem is resolved.

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