What Is Search EnginesSearch engines are a set of programs to optimize a web page and enlist those while searching as per search query. The search engine is designed to help you find information stored on the web to your computer system. The search engine allows you make a query usually with a word or phrase and retrieves list items that west match the criteria you have requested. The most common purpose search engines are Yahoo, Alta Vista, excite. Google, AOL, Hot Bot, Info Seek, duck go, ask.com, Bing Lycos etc., First we will start through website, it contains a specific kind of data and the write a metadata (data about data) too so that it can be tagged while searching through search engine, t tool name SEO (search engine optimization) is used to put a metadata of a website. For e.g., if you search for breaking news through a search engine then the search engine will optimize the metadata of the website attached and enlist the website result which contains breaking news in their contents.

Popular search engines /search for content

There  is the number  of  popular  search   engines  which  are   used  very    frequently  among  the    internet  users

  • Google: Google is the most popular search engine across the globe which is used very frequently  . its popularity is assumed in the way like most of the people have set this as its home page and draft search engine for the browser.    it is a web portal, contains the number of services like mail, books, translate, map, Google +, youtube and so on.
  • Yahoo: Yahoo is another most popular search engine across the globe and is used This very web portal contains the number of services with the very decorative home page.
  • Bing: Bing is   newer   search  engine   among   the   mentioned    search  engines  .it   is
    developed by Microsoft It has replaced mostly MSN (Microsoft network) search engine of its own developer team.
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