Hello, friends, we have observed maximum students and professionals are searching for what is internet and what is the history of the internet, so today I have writing all the things about the Internet.

What is Internet

What is Internet –

It is a global system to interconnect computer network. You connect your computer to any computer anywhere either in India or aboard. The Internet is wide area network which allows a user to access the data or information stored n web and it provides number facilities like email, web portals, chat, social networking, blogging online transaction and so on.

History of the internet:

It began in 1970’s and 1980’s. The internet as we know it today began as the ARPANET mean advanced Research Projects agency networks connected to the Arpanet with TCP/IP. TCP- Transmission control protocol/IP- Internet Protocol was developed in 1974. The ARPANET was shut down in 1990 due to never network technology and the need for greater bandwidth on the backbone. In the late ‘70’s the NSFNET, national science foundation network was developed. This network relied on supercomputers in San Diego; boulder; Champaign; Pittsburgh; Ithaca; and Princeton. Each of these six supercomputers had a microcomputer tied to it which spoke TCP/IP.
Further development in networking lead to the design of the ANSNET – advanced network and services network. ANSNET was a joint effort by MCI, Merit, and IBM specifically for commercial purposes. The large network was sold to AOL in 1995. The national science foundation then awarded contracts to four major network access providers: pacific bell in San Francisco, Ameritech in Chicago, MFS in Washington DC and sprint in New York City. By the mid ‘80’s the collection of networks began to be known as the ‘’internet’ in university circles. TCP/IP remains the glue that holds it together. In January 1992 the internet society was formed – a misleading name since the internet is really a place of anarchy. It is controlled by those who have the fasted line and can give customers the greatest service today. The primary internet – a related application used today include email, News retrieval, remote login, file transfer and world wide web access and development.

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The concept of the internet:

As we know the internet has widely used a network in which a user asks for information and the user is replied from the web server. The information or data or data or metadata (data about data) is written in a website and the website has its own domain name (address) with that it is accessed. Many times we are thinking what is internet?

The Internet is a network used word wide and anyone can access the internet with help of ISP (internet service provider). It is not a private property of anyone; only a few of the boards and authorities used to monitor the things about. Internet Architecture Board and Internet Engineering Task Force are responsible for approving the standards and investing the operational and technical problems.

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