Hello Friends, Welcome to our blog, today I am writing about how to Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password without login. Sometimes we are facing issue with our windows Administrator (User Name) password and not able to login with the administrator.

Why Reset Administrator Password –

We have required ‘Administrator’ login for making any change in our system setting. Before following the steps please confirm the first ‘Administrator’ are enabled on your Laptop/Desktop. If you have not enabled the ‘Administrator’ account on your system, you will reset the password but you will not be able to log in to the ‘Administrator’ account. So you have ensured that you have enabled the ‘Administrator’ account on your system.

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password –

  1. Arrange or create a windows 10 disc/USB and select boot device(media/USB) on your system BIOS, and Press “SHIFT + F10″ on the setup page to open a command prompt.

    Reset windows 10 Administrator Password

  2.  Next, You find the drive letter of the drive where installed the windows 10 by using the command “diskpart”.
  3. Next step is you type “list volume” and press ENTER. Here we have a list of partitions of our system and you have to choose your windows partition from here.  the Windows setup media is usually on X: and In most cases, Windows 10 is located on drive “D”.
  4. Type “cd d:” and press ENTER (here “d” is a window drive letter). 
  5. Type “d:”  and press ENTER. 
  6. Type “exit”  and press ENTER. 
  7. Type “cls” and press  ENTER. 
  8. Type your windows drive latter like “D:”. 
  9. Type “cd windows”  and press ENTER. 
  10. Type “system32” and press ENTER. 
  11. Type “copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe” and press ENTER (this command will make a backup of utilman.exe).
  12. Type “copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe” and press ENTER (this command will make a backup of cmd.exe).
  13. Now type “del utilman.exe” and press ENTER (this command will delete old utilman.exe).
  14. Now type “rename cmd.exe utilman.exe” and press ENTER (this command will rename cmd.exe to Utilman.exe).
  15. Now you close the command prompt and restart your system. Please wait and don’t press any key this time and let the system boot from primary HDD.
  16. Now You click on Ease of Access symbol (once you click on Ease of Access symbol, It(CMD) will open).
  17. Now type here “control userpasswords2” and press ENTER. Here is our “Administrator” account shown and now select it and click on Reset Password.
  18. Now you Enter the new password for the Administrator account and click on OK.