Is your wireless router not working properly? Has your internet speed gone down? And are you planning to buy a new router?

Before you order a new router I would suggest you go through these quick fixes. One of them might surely help you out and can save you a few bucks. This article gives you some quick tips to improve your wireless router’s performance. Try them out and fix your router yourself, here you go:

1. Select a Good Place for Your Router 

 All the places at your home are not equally suitable for strong network adoption. The location is a very important factor when the speed and performance of the router is a concern. So it is important to locate your router at such a place where it can receive ample of a strong signal. The first thing that you can do is to avoid places in the vicinity of metal objects and such electronic devices that emit electromagnetic waves. Keep your router away from the micro oven, chimney, television, sound systems, etc. Try to keep your router always at a higher altitude. Also, avoid keeping this near any metal studs.

2. Keep Your Router Updated 

You must have heard about a large number of router attacks nowadays. The major reason for these attacks is that people don’t update their wireless routers too often. As a result, the malware can steal the band witch of the signal and spread across the network. Thus it is always advised to keep your wireless router updated. Moreover, the routers running on the old version show a lag in the network strength than the updated routers. The malware generally attacks those routers which are running on old version so if you want to keep your wireless devices safe then don’t forget to update your wireless router regularly. Login to Your Router Dashboard Using default Ip Such as or or Any Other default Ip that you may have for Your Router as default Gateway.

3. Get a Stronger Antenna 

Most of the wireless routers come with a small antenna. It is not that the manufacturers try to save every cent you pay to them but the fact is only large routers are equipped with large antennas. Compared to your antenna which is just 4 to 5 inches tall has 4dB gain but 10 to 15 inches antenna can have 10 dB gains. So if you don’t mind the size of your antenna then this could help you to improve your router’s performance immensely. The “rubber duck” antenna is the best kind of antenna and best among the several ones. There are various kinds of antenna you will get ion the market but the rubber duck antenna has better network adaptation ability. So it is better to choose this over other types of antenna.

4. Cut off Wi-Fi Leeches

Your Wi-Fi must be encrypted and password protected. The hunger for free and fast Wi-Fi is increasing and you don’t know if your neighbor next door might be trying to get into your network. So it is advisable to keep your network signal encrypted and password-protected. These are the following tips to enhance your password strength:

  • Your password should have a combination of uppercase and lowercase, symbols and numbers. It makes the password strong and invincible.
  • Make sure your password is long enough and should not contain your name and consecutive numbers or alphabets.

5. Buy a WiFi Repeater/ Booster/ Extender 

Wi-Fi boosters or extenders are the same things. Its main function is to use your network and then rebroadcast it as a new network, which is the extension of the main network. The main task of this Wi-Fi extender is to amplify the network before rebroadcasting it as a new network. They can sense when the signals are weak and rebroadcasting is not possible. 

6. Switch to a Different WiFi Channel 

Most of the people don’t know that a router has several numbers of channels. But most of the people try to channelize it on the default channel. This leads to Wi-Fi traffic jam since so many pockets try to drive on the same channel. Thus the solution is to find which the least crammed channel is and use it. This can be done with the help of NETSPOT that give you the analysis of your Wi-Fi signal.

7. Control Bandwidth-Hungry Applications and Clients 

Only one bandwidth-hungry app can slow down your upload and download speed drastically for most of the people are on the same Wi-Fi network. Modern routers, luckily, come with QoS (quality of service), through which you can prioritize certain applications over others. With QoS, your downloading sped will not get affected if someone is watching a high-resolution video on the same network. You can manually change the QoS settings of the router according to your requirements.

8. Use the Latest Wi-Fi Technologies 

Try to use the latest Wi-Fi technology over the old ones. You must ensure that all your home router and Wi-Fi-enabled device like a Smartphone, the laptop must support the latest Wi-Fi technology or it won’t work. Until you have a tight budget it is always advised to spend a few extra bucks when buying a router which has modern features like MU-MIMI, QoS, Guest Networks and replaceable external antennas find Best Mesh Wifi Routers

9. Switch to 5 GHz 

The 5 GHz frequency provides faster data at a shorter distance and it is lesser busy than 2.4 GHz network. For a short-range boost, you can use this channel if your device supports this. You can manually login to your router as admin and change the bandwidth frequency from 2.4 to 5 GHz manually. Then restart your router and use the network.

10. Don’t Forget to Reboot

This is the most common advice given overtimes to reboot your system if it is not working and the same goes for your Wi-Fi router also. A simple reboot can sometimes fix the problems and it can also improve the Wi-Fi speed. A reboot helps to clear the router’s data and gives room to install updates.


So before you go online to buy a new router you must try these quick fixes. Sometimes these quick fixes can solve major problems. They can help you resolve your issues. A few manual changes in the router could also give you a good result. So try out these fixes.