Introduction To Computer

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Introduction  to   computer

What  is  computer?

The computer is an electronic device which is capable receiving data and performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions [program] to produce a result In the form of Information signals.

Types of  Computer

Computer has been Categorized  in  the following  parts likewise ..

  • Analog Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

Analog Computer:

Analog computers Are used mostly medical sciences. ThisVery kind of computers Work on continuous Data value e.g.If you have to calculate the pressure or something similar Then kind of technology having will be useful.

Digital Computer:

Digital Computer is the most commonly Used Computer digital technique Which is widely Used and preferred Nowadays. this kind of computer microprocessor technology which is quite digital able to calculate and execute millions of instructions within a second. this also comes under kind of category as we can see downwards:

  1. Micro-Computer: The Processor is very small so that called micro Processor and the device are called a microcomputer. The microcomputer is a single user device Example: desktop, laptop, Palmtop, Notebook, PDA, etc.
  2. Mini Computer: The Processor of mini computer is small but larger than microprocessor mini computer is a multi-user device generally used in designing company for comical use.
  3. Mainframe Computer: it has a large processor and multiuser device. The number of users is more than Mini Computer. this is multiuser and multitasking device mostly used in metrology.
  4. Super Computer: The processor is biggest than other computers and processing capacity is highest than any other devices. it is a multiuser fastest calculating device, generally used in nuclear science for calculating purpose. CRAY-I is the first supercomputer India’s First Super Computer is PARAM-10000.

Hybrid Computer:

The kind of computer comes with both characteristics (digital and analog) are called a hybrid. This is used there where it needs to calculate both the digital and analog data for e.g. in hospitals.

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