How to Increase Laptop Battery Power, Resolve Laptop Battery Problem

Laptop Battery Problem –

Resolve Laptop Battery Problem

Do you have trouble with your laptop’s battery, despite having full battery charge, the laptop does not back up the battery or the laptop automatically closes while working. We sometimes have to face such difficulties in laptops. Today I share some steps some tips for resolving this type of problems. Laptop Battery is the main part of Laptop because without battery backup we are not able to work smoothly on Laptop.

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Method For Solution –

  1. Go To start button and open control panel.
  2. Click on power-option.
  3. Change Plan setting.
  4. Select turn off display option and chose the time as you required like 2 minutes.
  5. Click on change advanced power settings.
  6. Select here Power Buttons and LID setting.
  7. Then you select here LID chose the action.
  8. Then click on the hard disk and chose hard disk running time.
  9. Then save all the settings and also uninstall all the unnecessary programs from your Laptop.

Please remove your Laptop adapter when your Laptop fully charged for better life of battery and make sure your laptop adapter stop the charging when battery fully charged. Laptop battery is not working when you over charge your laptop battery on regular basis.  Don’t use compatible adapters for the laptop charging, use only original adapter. If you are using compatibale adapter, please make sure adapter is having same volt and same wat .

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