Clean and Optimize Your Windows PC/Laptop: There are instances when you may feel that your laptop is going for walks slow, web pages are taking too long to load and folder are opening after a few time. All of these are signs and symptoms that your laptop is suffering from something that isn’t continually typical to manifest.

These things can take place to any new laptop as nicely if it’s been used for some months as properly. Do not blame your laptop for this type of stuff, there are chances it’s have collected lots of junk gadgets or documents that’s why it’s miles taking too much time to method your request. this can be the time to optimize your laptop. Although there are many PC optimizers available on the internet these days and most of them are paid code however you certainly don’t want to get hold of that software, you could do laptop optimization through yourself without paying something.

Although there are many PC optimizers available on the internet these days and most of them are paid It’s very clean to smooth your PC without any kind of technical data. You just want to do somethings mentioned underneath and your PC may begin to every day as a result of it was, its remember of few clicks solely.

Remove Unnecessary Programs:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Programs and Features and this will pop up a list of currently installed software on your PC.
  • Look at the list closely and remove any program that you are no longer using.

Note: This will also free up some disk space on your hard drive. That you can use to store important files.

Clean and Optimize Your Windows PC/Laptop Using Disk Cleanup:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Accessories
  • System Tools and look for Disk Cleanup Utility.

This little tool will help you to delete junk items and temporary internet files from your PC, clean the recycle bin and this will also free up some disk space in your computer.

Optimize Startup Items:

As we Clean and Optimize Your Windows PC/Laptop is very important for the smooth working of the machine. If your PC is taking too much time to start to consider reviewing startup items. Follow the below steps to set the faster startup for your PC:

  • Press Window+R to open the run box.
  • type msconfig command and go to the startup tab.
  • Carefully check all startup items and disable the unwanted application from being run at startup.

Hard Disk Optimization:

Due to to the bad sectors and multiple junk file, temporary file HDD optimization is very important to improve your system speed. Follow the below steps to improve the HDD health and improve the system speed also:

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Accessories.
  • System Tools and look for Disk Defragmenter Utility.

This might take some time to complete to relocate files and optimize your disk drive.

Windows Update:

Make sure Windows Updates are turned on with your computer. it’s very important, computer is checking for new updates regularly. This will fix most of the security issues, driver functionality and some minor and major issue with the programs. As well as will keep your computer up to date. Your computer should be able to check for new updated at least once a week or use the recommended settings by Microsoft that’s means set for the Automatic update for your operating system to avoid the manual update checking.

Antivirus Scan:

Make sure you have reputed and licenced antivirus protection and it is also being updated with virus definitions regularly. Most of the good antivirus software today have built-in PC Optimizer utility to optimize your computer from time to time. You should run a full scan of your computer at least twice a month. Antivirus also have the option to schedule the optimization tasks automatically.

Apart from the above things you can also increase virtual memory on your PC, if the PC is low on RAM because after the recent updates with windows required more RAM space for smooth working this might also affect the performance of your computer. You might also consider optimizing windows registries, but remember incorrectly editing registry item might cause damages to the operating system. if, want to do so consider using a good PC optimizer or registry cleaner utility.

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