how increase laptop speed-

how increase laptop speed

Hello Friends Today I am writing about how increase laptop speed with some easy steps. We need good computer speed for smooth working. Follow some easy steps and increase your Laptop speed easily.

Some Important Steps For Increase Laptop Speed –

  1. Remove TEMP file.
  2. Remove Prefetch Files.
  3. Remove Recent History.
  4. Uninstall unnecessary Software.
  5. Remove unnecessary files and folder from C (OS) Drive.
  6. Perform disk cleanup
  7. Empty Recycle bin.
  8. Delete all the Empty Folder.
  9. Remove unnecessary files from your Laptop desktop
  10.  Ensure our Laptop does not have multiple Antivirus programs.
  11. Disable unnecessary Startup Services from your Task Manager.
  12. Set your Laptop for best performance from computer properties.
  13. Set default windows background.
  14. Remove unused profiles from your laptop.
  15. Remove Unused users
  16. Update All the drivers from the manufacturer website.
  17. Upgrade your Laptop RAM if required. 

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