Hello, Friends if your question is How can I find out who hacked my cell phone? please read carefully to complete post.

If you have software on your phone that is sending data to a third party whom may be spying on you it may or may not be obvious, or it may not even be detectable but is very possible. There are some available options that can be installed on someone’s smartphone in mere seconds, without any special root access required. One particular application migrates entirely to the phone’s memory effectively hiding 100% of its existence from any prying eyes. And it’s only a one-time payment of $70 away from anyone who may want to spy on you.

This particular software forwards all your activity to a cloud server to be remotely accessed, voice calls, images and even video streaming in real time using the phone’s camera. The good news in this situation is although you may not be able to detect the software itself, you should be able to see the data itself and the IP it’s going to.

What you’ll need:

A) Wireshark Packet Sniffing software (open source, free)

B) WiFi adapter that allows packet injection /promiscuous mode. Any of these chipsets will work, there are several manufacturers that will work. [TP-Link, TP-Win, Alfa.

  1.  Atheros AR9271
  2.  Ralink RT3070
  3.  Realtek RTL8187L
  4. A wifi capable router (an additional router, get at the thrift store for a few bucks)

How to (Router):

Connect the second routers WAN/Internet port to an open LAN port of your current router. If you don’t know how to access the configuration of the second router Google is your friend, all routers are different so I can’t provide instructions for the basic setup, a quick google search of the model number should provide all the info you’ll need connect it to your current router (default gateway, subnet mask, DNS, WAN IP (will be the gateway IP of the main router) And give it a access point name (like “Pretty Fly For A WiFi” or whatever you think you’re neighbours will enjoy .) and secure password.

Are you being spied on?

Boot your PC, fire up Wireshark and select the WiFi adapter that allows packet injection/pernicious mode “monitor mode” from the list of available options.

If it’s the only connected network adaptor it should be obvious look for the data rate/ packet count activity in the list.

If you have another wifi or ethernet card running also, there may be a couple showing active data rates, we just want to connect to the second router, not (ALL) or the main router.

Now connect your smartphone to the “Pretty Fly For A Wifi” or whatever.

At this point Wireshark may be displaying lots of stuff, these are the packets being sent from your phone, don’t worry about most of it, all we need to know is if your phone is sending data to a third party. Your phone should be sending a lot of packets to one IP address, the IP address of your service provider. Other less frequent IPs being connected should be apps connecting to their servers checking messages, sending your location etc.

Send a quick email from your phone to someone and you should see it connect on Wireshark. Every time you send an email it should show a connection to an IP address. If you have spy software installed you should see the same thing being sent to additional IP numbers. Send a text message, the same thing applies, if you see duplicate packets keep going to a second IP you are probably being monitored.