Today, mobile phones have become one of the necessary things for the people of UK. Those people are not less in Untied Kingdom, who carry more than one handset at a time. These are gadgets which allow the people to get in touch with you regardless of your location. Apart, the handsets come with a number of other features such as photography, entertainment etc. But, the fact cannot be denied that today also, several people buy the handsets for communication purpose.

But, you cannot get connected with anyone if your handset does not have the support of network services. For availing these services, several deals are signed with service providers. On several websites you can see the deals and can get the information about the availability of the network services with handsets. But, in some situations, you find it difficult to get your desired handset with your favorite network service providers. Question arises, what to do in that situation?

There is no need to worry now, if you are facing the above said situation. You have the option to get the SIM only contracts. These are the contracts, under which you get the SIM card only. You can insert your own SIM card in the SIM free handset and can fulfill your wish to get any handset with any network provider.

Likewise other contract deals, SIM only deals also come with a number of schemes. You can sign the contract for the period of 12 months, 18 months or 24 months. In lieu of that, you get the activation of your SIM card by your network provider. Under these deals also, you can get some offers, such as free minutes of talk time, free text messages, free or reduced line rental, free connection etc.

Moreover, you can get the SIM only pay as you go plans also. These are the plans in which you have to make the payment of usage in advance. The PAYG account can be recharged after completion of the balance.

There are a number of websites from where SIM only contracts can be acquired. Affiliate websites, which are most commonly known as comparison websites can be seen very active in this respect. On these websites you can compare different deals and can choose the one which is best according to your requirements.

SIM only contracts not only give you the freedom to choose your network services, but also save your lot of mobile phone expenses. If you are willing to change your network services, you just need to spend money on a new handset, which is low as compared to the expenses of buying a new handset.

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