Files and Directory Management

Files and Directory Management-

This ( Files and Directory Management ) part is most important part of the window. It is used to handle the file, creating new, editing deleting etc. This is useful not only file but directory also called folder management. By opening window explore window you can create a new file or folder, rename, or delete selected file/folder. You can also create a copy of the selected file and paste for another file. Files and Directory Management is very important to understand.


A file is a container which contains some specific kind of the data or information. A file is built by the system itself or by the user for his/her own purpose. A file has always two segments. first one is the file name and the second one is file extension and both are separated using a dot(.) character. A file name is used or kept to search and use it easily whereas the file extension is used to tell the type of the file.

The syntax: FileName.FileExtension

Here we see some example of the extension of a file created by a user.docx, .doc, .bmp, .xlsx, .ppt, .html etc and some examples of a file created by system .dll, .msc, .sys, .bst, .exe, .ini, .zip etc.


A folder is a place or container which is used to store or contain files. A folder is assigned an icon picture by default but you can even change the icon of a folder. A folder has no its own size of its own files contained inside. A folder created by user or by system for example a folder you created at the desktop or anywhere else in the computer called user defined folder or icon whereas a folder or icon whereas a folder which comes automatically when the operating system is installed or configured like My computer, recycle bin, my documents, downloads etc.

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