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The Usefulness of a Laptop

The advancement of technology makes everybody’s life as easy as a touch of a button. In today’s modern age, we can now do a lot of things that were just mere whims of our ancestors. Life is much more convenient in...

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How to Choose the Best Touchscreen Laptop

Can you have a portable computer and a tablet in one? Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. You just need to find the best touchscreen laptop for you. Ever since the launch of Windows 8, the number of models available in...

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Switch to a Laptop and Use Less Energy

It will be no surprise to discover that computing equipment is now a standard feature of many UK households. But with more and more time spent on our home computers the electricity used to power our home computers doubled...

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How To Buy The Perfect Student Laptop

If you are like most student’s, money isn’t exactly growing on trees. Choosing the right laptop can be a matter of saving yourself a lot of heartache and money at the same time.In this article I am going to over the...

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Know About the Best Thinkpad Laptop Models

IBM introduced ThinkPad in 1992 and later Lenovo was able to purchase this division and started production of different models of ThinkPad. Since many years ThinkPads have revolutionized the use of consumers with sleek designs,...

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