10 Of The Coolest Gadgets: Are you on the lookout for the latest gadgets and gizmos to give to your dad this coming Father’s Day? Keep your eyes peeled for these cool gadgets and you may just find the perfect gift to tickle your dad’s inner geek:

Standalone Smart Watch

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

smartwatches are the next big thing when it comes to smart devices, so it’s a good bet that any self-respecting techie will jump at the chance to own their own smartwatch. Expect calls, pictures, emails and SMS messages all from the wrist – and even more when you hook up to wireless Internet access points!

3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

why draw two-dimensional pictures when you can sculpt three-dimensional sculptures in real-time? This nifty line of gadgets and gizmos use superheated plastic that instantly hardens when exposed to room temperature. This makes it possible to form complex miniature sculptures using nothing but a pen!

Handheld Laser Distance Measurer

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

why get tangled up with tape measure when you can instantly measure distance using these cool gizmos? Just point, click and watch the screen to check the distance between the laser and a target surface. Some models can even measure area and volume!

RC Quad Rotor Copters

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

The latest gadgets in remote-controlled aircraft use four rotors not just because they look cool but because they make it much easier to manoeuvre the drone around wherever you want. This ease of use makes it the perfect gift for the budding aeroplane enthusiast!

Retro NES/SNES Handheld Console

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

your dad was a kid at one point, and chances are he lived through the times when Nintendo’s NES and SNES consoles where the latest gadgets and gizmos to hit the gaming scene. Rekindle his passion for old-school Nintendo games with these nifty handheld consoles that either use emulators or run old cartridges straight off the bat!

Theremin Mini Kit

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

The Theremin is one of those weird musical instruments that is both creepy and awesome at the same time. You can get your dad to start messing around with tones by simply waving his arm in the air like some sort of tech-powered magician.

Heated Travel Mug

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

if your dad loves a good cup of coffee while driving or at work, then these nifty mugs will help keep his drink nice and hot while he does what he does best. Some of the latest gizmos even have interchangeable plugs that work with USB ports and car power ports!

Lego Light Switch Panel

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

why be content with a plain old light switch when you and the rest of the family can jazz things up with their own Lego creations? This nifty panel holds pegs designed to fit squarely into the round slots of Lego pieces – opening up a world of possibility when it comes to both pranks and creative projects alike!

Smartphone Monocular

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

transform dad’s boring old phone into a cool telescope! Simply slap these gadgets and gizmos over the camera of your phone and presto – you can now zoom the picture to snap distant photos with crystal-clear quality. Some of the latest gizmos are even adjustable to fit a variety of phones!

LED Emoticon Sign For Cars

10 Of The Coolest Gadgets

if you are on the road a lot, then you will definitely know how difficult it is to communicate even simple messages to other drives – especially those behind you. This battery-powered sign solves that problem by showing various messages with a simple flick of a button. Help, thanks, sorry, back off, slow down – these are but a sample of the simple messages that can be of great use while out on the road!

Keep all these gadgets and gizmos in mind and you’ll have a much easier time picking out the perfect gift for this coming Father’s Day!

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